Why Primus?

Prime: adjective

  • Of main importance, from which other things may derive or proceed
  • Of the best possible quality, having all the expected characteristics of something

In recent decades, we have made huge advances in our knowledge of learning strategies, of the workings of the mind, and the effects that technology is having on how we function.  There is a great need to embrace this knowledge and use it properly to train today’s youth for the future that they will create.

education reborn

Our ascending phoenix logo embodies our belief that education needs a complete rebirth to see the challenges of the 21st century.

For Primus Academy, we have reimagined every aspect of the educational experience in order to craft an environment that empowers every student to discover their passions and exceed all expectations.

From vision to reality

Even with all the innovation and creativity in the world, we cannot bring this change to education without funding from generous individuals who believe in this vision.  Please consider the link below to make a contribution toward the launch of a capital campaign to ultimately begin the construction of Primus Academy and a brighter future for education.